Who are we:

We are a group of deaf artist, since a long time ago, there were more deaf pandomim, mim, theater and folklore artists, more shows exists in the Turkish Deaf Community.

Today deaf art activities badly sacrificed, so we are think to re-arrange deaf’s art activities again,  we ask older deafs and deaf organizations, they support our idea, regarding to establish art and culture organization, associations etc.

DUYUMTEK LTD. ŞTİ . firm owner Mr. Abdurrahman BALIKÇI is responsible for financing of the festival, also Saltur Tourism and Travel Agency is festival organization firm.

We are not one person, we are more than hundred deaf person, we are representative of Turkish deaf artists.

Our Aim:

We will show capabilities of deaf artis all around the World. Finally Turkish population will learn what’s deaf can do.

Also to give you a nice festival too.